Colloquium Series

The Philosophy Department’s Colloquia Series takes place most Fridays of each academic quarter from 4-6pm in H&SS 7077 in John Muir College; a reception for the colloquium speaker follows the talk in H&SS 7076.

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Schedule 2016-17

Fall 2016

September 30
Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins University)
"Living as a Sceptic"

October 14
Sandra Harding (UCLA)
"Another Logic of Scientific Inquiry? Engaging with Latin American Perspectives" - abstract

October 28
Philip Pettit (Princeton University and Australian National University)
"Three Fallacies about Doing Good" - abstract

November 17
Gail Fine (Cornell University and Oxford University)
"Plato on the Grades of Perception: Theaetetus 184-6 and the Phaedo" - abstract
Note! This event takes place on a Thursday.

Winter 2017

February 10
Robert Gooding-Williams (Columbia University)
"Delany's Two Principles, the Argument for Emigration, and Revolutionary Black Nationalism" - abstract

Spring 2017

April 7
Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia)

May 5
Jeremy Waldron (NYU)
"What Do Philosophers Have Against Human Dignity?" - abstract

May 19
Michael Wedin (UC Davis)

May 26
Sally Haslanger (MIT)
"Culture and Critique" - abstract

June 2
Adrienne Martin (Claremont McKenna College)
"What Kind of a Debt is a Debt of Gratitude?" - abstract