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Current Quarter Courses

Winter Quarter 2018

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Course Title Instructor
Phil 1 Intro to Philosophy R. Grush
Phil 10 Logic R. Grush
Phil 12 Scientific Reasoning J. Dougherty
Phil 14 Intro to Philosophy: Nature of Reality J. Cohen
Phil 27 Ethics and Society I A. Lamey
Phil 28 Ethics and Society II J. Doppelt
Phil 32 Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science D. Rutherford
Phil 50 Law and Society D. Nelkin
Phil 87 A Lost Work of Greek Wisdom M. Johnson
Phil 101 Aristotle B. Greene
Phil 111 History of Philosophy: Early Modern D. Rutherford
Phil 115 Philosophical Methods Seminar A. Lamey
Phil 130 Metaphysics P. Santorio
Phil 138 Responsibility D. Brink
Phil 149 Philosophy of Psychology M. Fulkerson
Phil 152 Philosophy of Social Sciences N. Cartwright
Phil 161 Topics in the History of Ethics S. Bazargan-Forward
Phil 165 Freedom, Equality and the Law S. Rickless
Phil 166 Classics in Political Philosophy G. Ananostopoulos
Phil 170 Philosophy and Race M. Hardimon
Phil 185 Philosophy of Religion D. Nelkin
Phil 210 Greek Philosophy M. Johnson
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics L. Allais
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics N. Cartwright
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics M. Fulkerson
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics C. Tolley / M. Hardimon
Phil 285 Seminar on Special Topics M. Vargas
HUM 1 Humanities I (Revelle) M. Johnson