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“I think universities should start some study about ancient Indian philosophy, knowledge about psychology and logic.” - Dalai Lama

New Article By Manuel Vargas - If Anglo-American Philosophy Is So Great, Where Is Its Las Casas?

As we enter the time for admission decisions, before making your decision, read 'A Case For Majoring In Philosophy'


We teach students to think critically, analyze logically, and provoke inventive thinking. Skills valued by employers. Skills valued for global citizens.

We are ranked top 10 or better nationally and globally in multiple sub-fields; we are ranked 23rd overall.

We help students make sense of their world, and contribute to helping others make sense of theirs.

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What can I do with a Philosophy degree?

A&H Video Why Major in Arts
 & Humanities? [Video]


John Cleese PSAPhilosophy “is born out of wonder at the world and it works against confusion. Now, of course, there’s much to wonder about and a lot of confusion. So maybe that is why the 21st century may become very philosophical.”

- John Cleese, actor, writer, philosopher: 22 Public Service Announcements for the American Philosophical Association

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